Coaster Photos

As on the rest of this website, all the photographs that appear on this website were taken by me.  Please feel free to download them for your own personal enjoyment.  If you want to use any of the images for a commercial venture, please contact me.  

Most of the POV (on-ride) photos were taken with a 24mm Nikon lens on either an FE-2 or an 8008. For a while I was using a Yashica T-4 point-and-shoot to get on-ride photos.

Now of course it's all digital. Various digicams were used, the latest is the Panasonic TZ3.

May as well start these pages off with the stupidest picture I took. At ACE's 1994 Spring Conference, Stricker's Grove was kind enough to allow us free roam of the Tornado. Using a 24mm wide angle lens I stuck my head up through the bottom of the track to get this shot of the descending train, then ducked back down before being decapitated. Considering that a wide-angle lens makes things appear farther away than they are, it's a wonder I managed to escape with my head still attached.
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