For a complete review of the rides at Hersheypark, including the new-for-2000 Lightning Racer, check here.

Going up the lift

1st drop over the creek

Coming out of
the heavily-braked
station turn

First glimpse of the
Comet from the midway

1st drop as seen
from the

Profile of the Comet
Hollow side from the
chair ride

Profile of the Midway
side from the Giant
Wheel. Great Bear
and the SooperDooperLooper
can be seen as well.

Heading into the loop on the Sooperdooperlooper

Great Bear as seen
from the lift of the Comet

1st drop into
the helix

Great Bear train
swoops out of
the immelman

Looking back from the
Wildcat's lift hill

Turn on the Wildcat

1st drop on the Wildcat

1st drop on the Wildcat


GCI's Millenium
Flyers. A wonderful
return to coastering's

Going up the lift,
basically another
shot of the Millenium

Quick view from the

Looking back from
the lift. Gorgeous.

1st drop. Mmmm.

Heading into the
"waterfall" tunnel.

Going round one of
the highly banked turns

One of the several
dueling moments

At the finish line. Did
I mention that I like
the Millenium Flyers?

A quickie composite photo of Lightning Racer.