Six Flags Great Adventure

I wrote a review of the park back when Batman was new


1st drop on Batman

Vertical loop

I love this shot - like a
Japanese fan

What a great ride

Batman and Robin: The
Chiller. Painful in the

You can see 4 coasters
in this shot: Rolling
Thunder, Viper, Medusa
and the Runaway Train

Great American Scream
Machine from the Sky

Medusa's amazing roll,
airtime to the max

Runaway train

Rolling Thunder from
the Sky Ride

1st drop on Rolling

The different turnarounds
on Rolling Thunder

The 1st drop as seen
from the return trip

Bunny hops which
can be a lot of fun when
the coaster is greased up


First ride of the day
is front seat of Nitro

You can see a lot of
the park from way
up here

Most of Nitro's layout
can be seen before
the big plunge

Where's the track
going down?

Nitro's turnaround

1st drop on Medusa

1st drop on the Great
American Scream Machine