Six Flags America

These pictures are from back in 94 when the park was called Adventure World. I wrote a review of the park for usenet back then

Half of Great Adventure's
Lightning Loops

1st drop on the Wild
One. Great shot

The return leg
through the

One of my fave coaster

Back in 94, this was
the BEST turnaround
on any wooden coaster

The finishing helix

These pictures are from 2000

Jokers Jinx, not nearly
as head-banging as
it looks

Jokers Jinx from the
lift of Superman

The Mind Eraser. What
a waste of real estate.

1st drop on Superman,
with the other airtime
hills visible in the

Looking back on
Superman's lif

Superman's 1st drop
as seen from Roar

1st drop POV on

Not very interesting
helix on Superman

The LIM brakes and last
section of Superman

Superman's 1st drop


1st drop POV on Roar

Profile of the Wild One

3 coasters seen from the Giant Drop: Superman,
the Wild One and Jokers

The Wild One's new
turnaround and Roar

1st drop POV on
the Wild One

The Wild One's new
turnaround (which

The Wild One's helix

Return trip on the
Wild One