Lakeside Park

I've been to Lakeside 3 times now, the first as park of 8 Days and 41 Gas Stops. I also visited during RoadTrip98 and the last time was during day 4 of the Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip of 2000. Nothing has changed, thankfully.

Cyclone's great Art
Deco station

1st drop as seen
from outside the park

1st drop POV and return
leg POV

Bigger shot of
return leg

The Lake Curve at

Station at night

The Auto Skooter

The Hurricane

The Merry-go-Round

Satellite at Sunset

The best trains there are

Station map of the

Ferris Wheel

The Cyclone as seen
from the road outside
the park

Reflection on the boat


Train Station


The Wild Chipmunk