Paramount's Kings Island

I've now been to PKI three times: once during ACE's 1994 Spring Conference (4 hours ERT on every coaster), in 2000 to ride Son of Beast on day 1 of the Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip, and a quick trip in 2002.

These are from the Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip

Son of Beast as seen
from near the entrance

Man that's a big lift hill

These are from my quick visit in 2002

Make a right, Dad!

It's good to be the king

Approaching the Beast's
1st lift hill

Cresting the lift - it's a
cliche picture, but it's
still a fabulous view

1st drop on the Beast -
Look Ma, No Brakes!

Approaching the 2nd lift

What a great run thru
the woods

Nice view of the 1st

Reptar's Revenge

POV of 1st drop

More POV

POV on Scooby's

Racer as seen from
the Beast

What a bizarre gate
setup for Face/Off

Vortex as seen from
the Beast

Looking back down the
Son of Beast lift

1st drop in the
pouring rain - Ouch!

1st drop from the
back seat

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