Six Flags New England (aka Riverside)

I wrote a review of the park back in 1993 when it was still called Riverside. These photos are from that trip.

Beauty Rose, perhaps
Illions's most beautiful

Thunderbolt in the
pouring rain

Riverside Cyclone as
seen from the sky ride

1st drop/turn on the

I also visited there during my 36th Birthday New England Coastering Trip in 2000. These photos are from that trip.

Finally, PTC trains
running on the
Riverside Cyclone

Up the lift hill

The 1st half of the
1st drop

The 2nd half of the
fabulous 1st drop

The view from the lift.
You can see 5 coasters

Cresting the 1st drop

One of the best there is

From the 2nd turn

Reverse POV on that
1st drop

Lots of wood

Entrance to Superman:
Ride of Steel

Superman's lift

1st drop head-on

4th drop

S:ROS as seen from the
S&S tower ride

The back half of Superman

Those 2 hills deliver
as promised

Entering another mist
filled tunnel

1st drop POV

Poison Ivy and Superman