Six Flags Magic Mountain

I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain on Day 8 of the Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip of 2000. I only got to spend 5 hours in the park, but I rode every coaster that was running (Flashback was down).

People lined up at 9:30 at
the entrance to Magic

Not a bad view from
the parking lot. Collosus,
Supermand and Goliath

That first drop on
Goliath looks pretty
fierce from this angle

Quite a change from the
crowds at Lakeside and

The 1st drop on Goliath.
Oh. My. God.

Goliath's 250 ft 1st drop

Some of Goliath's

1st drop on Psyclone, a
huge waste of wood.
Riddler's Revenge can be
seen in the background.

Reverse angle of
Psyclone's 1st drop

Collosus's 1st drop,
with Goliath intertwined
with the structure

Collosus, a great looking
but crappy riding woodie

Some more Collosus

The curve that killed
Timothy Bottoms in Rollercoaster

The first vertical loop
in the U.S.

1st drop on Revolution

The ramp-like approach
to Revolution's loop

It's a bird! It's a plane!
It's Superman! Sorry,
I couldn't resist.

The giant loop on
Riddler's Revenge