Past Additions

8/2/00 Birthday trip to ride New England Coasters
7/20/00 Coaster Photos website ready
7/7/00 Evening at HersheyPark
7/3/00 Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip
6/10/00 1st Annual Amusement Park
has happened!
6/4/00 I ride my 200th roller coaster
6/3/00 Appel Farm's Arts and Music Festival
5/26/00 My sister gets married
1/21/00 Surprise! Debbi turns 30
11/6/99 Skippy and Melissa get married
9/30/99 We buy a Honda Civic Si
9/5/99 We throw a Housewarming BBQ
8/28/99 We move in!
8/27/99 We buy a home!
8/99 With Karen and Darren at Knoebels
8/99 With Todd and Melissa at Coney Island
7/99 We ride with Mark to the Salem Oak and Fort Mott
7/99 Annual Pitman Car Show
6/99 Dar Williams at the Bridgeton Folk Festival
6/14/99 Pictures from sailing on the Patricia Divine with Leigh
5/19/99 My father retires after 37 years as a homicide detective in the South Bronx
4/12/99 Finally added Bruce's Balloon Office [Medium | Huge]
3/25/99 More pictures of Todd and Melissa
3/15/99 Coaster Photos from Williams Grove
3/9/99 Photos of where my motorcycle has been
3/3/99 Added pictures from Vermont
2/26/99 Added Travels section and more photos from RoadTrip98
2/12/99 Lots more photos from RoadTrip98
1/6/99 More coaster videos (Screechin' Eagle, Raven)
12/22/98 More coaster videos (Palisades Park, Rye Junior, Thunder Run)
12/21/98 More coaster videos (Blue Streak, Chang, Lakemont)
12/21/98 Videos of Bruce and Skippy juggling