Travels with Debbi


RoadTrip '95, our month-long journey across the country. We travelled 9000 miles and visited 11 National Parks

Our Honeymoon, 2 weeks driving around California, and spending time in Yosemite National Park

Winter in RMNP, where we spent about a week in Rocky Mountain National Park hiking in the snow.

RoadTrip98, we once again cross the country, spending significant amounts of time in Rocky Mountain National Park, Columbia River Gorge, and Yosemite National Park. RoadTrip '02, a three week adventure with a toddler in Colorado The best photos from RoadTrip '04, 8,000 miles to Colorado, Yellowstone and the Canadian Rockies


Solo Travels




Ohio/Kentucky - My first major solo
trip was from NJ out to Ohio and
Kentucky to ride some roller coasters.

8 Days and 41 Gas Stops, or over
2000 miles in 8 days to see
the Rockies.

Coast-to-Coast Coastering, I drove
a friend's car to California from NJ
and rode 30 new roller coasters along
the way. Over 100 photos.