Sunday, June 4, 2000 marked my riding my 200th roller coaster. Being stuck at 199 for over a year, I wanted to make my 200th coaster something special. I thought riding the oldest existing roller coaster in the world would fit the bill nicely, so Debbi, Joe Pellegrino, Mike Dorris and I drove 5 hours out to Altoona and Lakemont Park. Heading over immediately to Leap the Dips, I took the front seat and made my milestone.

My 100th coaster was Timber Wolf at Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO back in 1994 during my 8 Days and 41 Gas Stops motorcycle journey. With my upcoming short journey across the country (for the 3rd time) I hope to hit 250 by summers end.


Me ready to ride coaster #200

Me, Joe and Mike Dorris
riding Leap the Dips

Ready for the 1st drop

One of the bigger
drops on the ride

The "dips" of Leap the Dips

The lift hill

Joe on the Mad Mouse

Mike Dorris on the Mad Mouse

Joe on the Skyliner

Joe, hands-up, in the back
seat of the Skyliner

1st drop of the Skyliner

2nd drop on the Skyliner

Creaky crooked lift
hill on the Williams
Grove Cyclone

1st drop on the Cyclone

Heading out on the Cyclone

Heading back

Mike Dorris and Joe on the
Williams Grove Cyclone