Moving Day

August 28, 1999 marked the day we moved into our first house. On hand were Bruce and Holly,
Skippy and Melissa, Mike and Michelle, Joe, Mark and Mike Dorris. The move went without
a hitch. It's great to have friends. The police only stopped by once.


The old apartment in Holly
Court is packed up and
ready to go

We are nothng if
not organized

Now for the hard part...

Debbi inspects her
new home

The empty entranceway
and living room

The empty living room

The empty dining room
(it still looks like this)

Deb in her new
favorite place

Debbi prepares the
stairwaywalls for the

The Happy Couple

Mike Dorris's truck
(and him) came in
mighty useful

Joe and Clemente at work

I guess Skippy is
working up to the
big boxes

Mr. Universe (aka Mark)
entertains the crowd

We had hired some
entertainment for the day