Sailing on the Patricia Divine, June 11

Maybe as a reward for the many wax-on, wax-off sessions. or maybe just through the goodness of his heart, Leigh Weiss managed to arrange a day of sailing on his friend Helmut's 72-foot schooner. We spent a most relaxing day zipping back and forth on the Chesapeake.

For info on the Patricia Divine,


Deb on Leigh's boat

Kevin takes the Divine on the Chesapeake

Another hard day at the office

Life is very very good

Dan relates the story of the man who slept in a lifejacket

Don Stone

A scary shot to get

But at least the crew
appreciated the effort

I'm King of the World!

Thar she blows!

A valient effort was put forth,
but the hat was lost

Kevin relaxing, and all of us
oblivious to Crab Trap City
we were about to sail into