The Best of RoadTrip 04
Ken Denton

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The main shopping street in Breckenridge, a town we found quite charming In Breckenridge Near the top of Boreas Pass is this old preserved ghost town Scaring my mother-in-law to death on Boreas Pass, which is actually very mild (we did it in a minivan).
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  Coyote in Grand Teton National Park Got up at 4:30 to drive 45 minutes in the dark to photograph sunrise over the Snake River. One of the few purely photographic times of the vacation New trees growing in Yellowstone. We were last here just after the big fire, and the floor was teeming with flowers, but no trees.
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These guys were in our campsite near Radium Hot Springs, BC We pulled into an overlook in Kootenay NP, and this guy was at a picnic table. I had to switch to a non-telephoto lens to get some shots The black blob in the upper left corner is the black bear from the previous picture. At our campground in Banff
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We met 2 guys who were going moonlight scuba diving to the old town that is submerged under this lake Along the trail to Johnston Canyon That amazing glacial rock-flour coloring at Lake Louise The Chateau Lake Louise. For $450/night you don't even get a lake view.
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Moraine Lake, perhaps the most beautiful spot in the Canadian Rockies. More Moraine Lake While this place is packed with tourists during the day, after 5pm the busses stop and you literally have the place to yourself. Back at Lake Louise around 10pm, it was myself and one other photographer walking around. Nice.