The Best of RoadTrip 04
Ken Denton

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Unknown lake along the Icefields Parkway Peyto Lake on a very overcast day (it would snow later on) Angel Glacier on Mount Edith Cavell. One of the best hikes we've done with Michael. The cable car to the summit of Whistler mountain, Jasper NP.
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The view from our chairs at Becker's, where we stayed after freezing in our tent in Jasper Not a bad way to spend the evening I took a pre-dawn drive from Jasper back down the Icefields Parkway and got some great shots Very quiet in the early morning, and you pretty much have everything to yourself
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Falls along the Icefields The Athabasca Glacier - I did a small walk onto it during the wee hours of the morning, before the throngs of tourists arrived. Peaceful, but a bit scary. Endless Chain, coming back from Maligne Lake This grizzly was on the side of the road, not 20 yards from our car. People were running up to get better pictures!
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Maligne Lake We took a canoe out for 20 minutes before they closed. Had to be on that lake, just had to. Licking his lips. We had thought Yellowstone was a great place to see wildlife before we came to the Canadian Rockies. This place is like a zoo without fences. Medicine Lake, which magically disappears every summer (it drains out the bottom)
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Becker's The Athabasca River flows right past your feet Nice backlighting on these moutain goats, the last wildlife we saw as we left Jasper