Part 9 - Zanesville, OH to Home, NJ 460 Miles

Uh-oh, there's a day 9. I guess I forgot this one, or wish that I could. Basically, I woke up, got on I-70 where it started pouring rain when I got to Wheeling, WVa. Temperature was about 65 or so. From that point on, it came down in buckets all through Pennsylvania and into New Jersey and until I got to my driveway. 6+ solid hours of heavy rain on the Turnpike was not the highlight of the trip. I stopped every hour or so for a few minutes to ward off the ouchies.

Very conenient are the gas pumps that you just slip your credit card through and pump your own gas - maybe impersonal, but quick and efficient. I passed someone who looked even more miserable than I - a guy in a custom car with no roof, huddled up against the steering wheel trying to duck the rain. We waved at each other.

By the time I got to Jersey, I couldn't stop giggling at the rain and the puddles. I was zipping along on I-295, and a car would pass me in a puddle, showering me for 5 seconds with water spray. I laughed so hard I almost cried.

Finally arrived at home, 4,400 miles total travelled in 9 days. The bike was completely filthy after the rainy ride, and I was kind of damp myself. The saddlebags leaked a lot of water in, but all of my stuff (with one exception) was stored in zip- lock bags. The tank bag stayed dry, as did the tent/sleeping bag in the river duffel. Sorry Sanjay, but 0 bird encounters.

Thinking back, the best moments of the trip were:

The worst moments:

Thanks for reading my (probably too) long account of this trip. I'm not sure if I would do another trip this long in the same amount of time - all day in the saddle every day gets old. Maybe next year I'll take the northern route and see Glacier National Park and the Canadian Rockies.