Part 2 - Grayson Lake, KY to Arrow Rock, MO 653 Miles (consistent, eh?)

Got up with the sun, grabbed a long hot shower, and slowly packed up. Hit the road by around 8:30. There was a wicked fog around the campground and the road back into town. The park ranger who I passed on the way out said it should be clear once I get to Morehead or so. Almost lost it pulling into a parking lot to wax the chain - gravel on the entrance made the bike squiggle a bit.

Took I-64 across a lot of Kentucky, got off to take Rt 460 around Lexington. 460 is a very nice road, lots of high-speed straights with elevation changes (hills) peppered with 35 and 45mph turns, with little to no traffic. Back on I-64, and slabbed it through Louisville. No luck getting the KY state sign, as it was in the middle of the interstate on the other side of the divider. Surprisingly, almost zero cars on the highway through Louisville. Even though it was a Sunday, I expected a lot more traffic (NY/Philly is my reference).

Got off the the interstate soon after crossing into Indiana, and took IN 62, the Lincoln Hills Scenic Highway. Not to be missed! This is a great 60+ miles of deserted forest road, very curvy (not really twisty) and hilly. There was a short detour back on the slab, then back to the woods. Passed Siberia IN, Santa Claus IN, then back on the slab. I-64 all they way through Southern Illinois. Illinois looks like southern New Jersey, only flatter(!) and less interesting(!).

Took I-70 through St. Louis. I expected the arch to be really big, but it's REALLY BIG. Quite impressive. I had no intention of stopping in St. Louis, leaving my bike and belongings unattended to check out the arch. Maybe the reputation is undeserved, but I've been told St. Louis (and East St. Louis) is not a very nice place to be. I also couldn't get the Missouri state sign, as stopping on that portion of interstate would be tantamount to suicide. I-70 West of St. Louis for about 30 miles is really crappy - very crowded, lots of merging, inner-city drivers. The kind that swoop across 3 lanes of traffic while going 20mph faster than everyone else. I've only really seen this on the Belt Parkway in NY and the Schuylkill Expwy in Philly. Nothing gets my attention quicker than someone in my mirror making a 3-lane change and getting larger very quickly. But I digress...

Continued on I-70 to Arrow Rock SRA, MO. Nice view of the Missouri River from the park. I passed on I-70 the 'Elvis is Alive Museum' (and restaurant), 'Itchy's Stop-and-Scratch', and 92 custom cars going the other way. All the cars were 30's and 40's, 32 Ford Coupes and the like. I guess custom cars are really big out in the midwest, I hardly see any here in the East. I had tried some 89 octane earlier in the day, and found that my gas mileage dropped into the lower 30s, where usually it's around the lower 40s. Hmmm. Probably doesn't help that my unfaired bike with saddlebags is only a little less slippery through the wind than say, El Capitan.

Also passed a beautiful blue BMW K75s, with hard bags and a top box, loaded onto a trailer. Saw signs for Mexico and Paris. A little while after I got to the campsite, the campground host came over to collect the fee ($6), and he wanted to talk for a while. Unfortunately, I had neglected to purchase any bug spray, so I got eaten alive until I could take it no longer and crawled back into the tent. The bites gave me something to itch on the long days that followed.