Yosemite National Park

The view over the
top of Nevada Falls

Spectacular Nevada Falls,
as seen from the hike back down

Another shot of
Nevada Falls and
Liberty Cap

El Capitan and
reflection in the

The Mist Trail and Vernal Falls

Bridal Veil Creek was
quite strong in
Spring 98

Half Dome near sunset

Bridal Veil Falls Rainbow

All of us and the
obligatory sign shot

The happy in-laws
at Valley View

June and Charles made
the hike to Vernal Falls Bridge

The first bear we've seen
in the wild (we saw plenty
later on)

A herd of photographers
at Tunnel View

Going up the Mist Trail
to Vernal Falls

Charles and June at
the Clothespin tree

Yosemite Falls reflected
in the Valley

Another Yosemite
Falls Reflection

Remains of a 'mall' from
the 1850's, near Lassen
Volcanic National Park

Deb tends to the ovens

What you have to do to
get a decent photo