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The pieces are starting to fall into place!

The Plan

Fly to Munich, rent bikes, ride around Germany's Black Forest region, the Swiss Alps around Andermatt, the Maritime Alps in France, and take a quick break in the French Riviera.


Ken - I've booked my flights. I will be arriving Thursday morning, 5/30. After the bikes get returned I will fly to Barcelona to attend the MotoGP round in Catalunya on 6/16. Finally I'll be flying home from Barcelona on Tuesday 6/18. If award availability opens up I may leave a day earlier.

Dave - Dave's booked on the same flight as me to Munich on 5/29. Heading with me to Barcelona on 6/13 and going to MotoGP. After that he's continuing on to Madrid and heading home on Friday 6/21.

Peter - Peter's flights are booked. He will be arriving Munich via Newark, then returning to Toronto on 6/14.


5/30 and 5/31 - Holiday Inn Munich City - Booked

Other than needing a few nights in Munich, no idea what our hotel plans will be yet.