Alps 2013, 6/08, Relaxing in Nice

 I had picked the French Riviera as the place for our down day. Someplace I've always heard of and didn't think I could ever get to visit. But since we would be so close, and I could make a hotel work on points, it seemed a great idea. I had visions of a warm summer day spent sitting on the beach and swimming in the sea, and watching the "beautiful people". The reality didn't match the fantasy though - it wasn't warm enough to really enjoy sitting on the beach, the water was way too cold for a swim, the beach itself was just rocks, and there were no beautiful people to be found.

We instead spent the day sightseeing the main part of town and walking/bicycling the Promenade. I did a little more swimming in the rooftop pool but it was too windy and chilly to really enjoy it.

Walking down the Promenade

FJR police bikes

There was a Citroen 2CV rally rolling through town in the morning

There were a lot of private beach clubs where you pay around 15 euro for a chair for the day.

Some people were having fun in the water

There were a few people on the beach

What was this ugly little spud?

Food market in the center of town

Some funky lookin' tomatoes

The very cute soap lady

The touristy part of town was filled with these very narrow winding streets of shops and restaurants

Now, where did I park my yacht?

Looking back up the beach


My rent-a-bike on the Promenade

There were several wedding (?) processions on the main drag

This guy did not like my camera

Pricey hamburger back at the hotel - about $23, from the "Le Snacking" section of the menu

You're definitely paying for the view

It was...OK.

Not impressed with their bread pre-delivery storage systen

iPhone pano from rooftop restaurant (the road is pretty much straight, the pano warps everything to fit)

The Radisson Blu's private beach club

I was expecting a lot more cool cars in Nice, but they were few and far between

Forgive the blurry shot

Stunning night-time view from the roof

Tomorrow we are back on the bikes riding some of the best roads of the trip :-)