5/29-5/30 - Getting There, and Munich

Work day goes very slowly when you're waiting to leave on vacation

Dave has been a very willing student of mine in the world of frequent flyer miles and hotel points. Here he is enjoying a free Envoy seat to Europe. Even managed to catch a few hours sleep.

Ah, relaxed for the long flight

Since we arrived in Munich much too early to check into the hotel we spent some time at the fabulous Deutsches Museum

Dave may be trying to catch up on his sleep here

They have all manner of fantastic old engines

Great exhibit of mining, takes a long time to go through it though

View from my room at the Holiday Inn Munich City Centre

On Friday Dave and Peter signed up for a tour out to the Dacchau concentration camp. I had visited the camp before, and while I found it fascinating I had no desire to see it again. I instead joined a walking tour of WWII sights that turned out to be fascinating. The weather was pretty rainy all day which was no fun.

Ridiculous $8 cup of tea near the hotel

The last stop on my walking tour was the old Nazi HQ building.. It now houses a music school.

We returned to the school later on to wander around and take some pictures. It was very creepy being in this place.

After our respective tours we met up again and headed out for a couple beers. Tried the house special beer, the 12% Aventinus Weizen-Eisbock. That picture is Dave, me and Peter

Some new drinking buddies! Prost!