2009 STN Meet and Eat
"The Burger Run"

Ulysses Rental, Part One
Ulysses Rental, Part Two
Ride with Frank to Clearfield
Ride with Frank and Dave
Days Inn gathering
Punxy ride
The Meet and Eat
Ride home with Jeff

The plan started out simple enough. Sunday was the annual STN Meet and Eat, aka The Burger Run. I had attended the previous 2, with the 2007 gathering being wonderful, and the 2008 version a rainy mess. I figured I'd do as I had in the past, ride out on Saturday, stay over, do the event, and ride back on Sunday. The closer it came to the date, though, the more my plans became more grandios. First I figured I could take Friday off as well, and make a nice long weekend out of it. Then I had a friend who wanted to join in (Dave from Americade and my WV trip last year), then another (Frank/FJRski! from STN), then I got the idea of renting a Buell Ulysses from HD of Frederick, and before you know it I had a four-day marathon trip to eat a burger in PA.

My thoughts on the Buell Ulysses XB12XT