My 1st 1st Sunday in Ephrata

I'd first heard about the 1st Sunday in Ephrata from some guys on ST-N back in January, and then some folks on started talking about going. A plan was hatched with another Multistrada owner to meet up around 8am and ride up with a bunch of his buddies to Ephrata. The forecast for Sunday was looking bleaker and bleaker as the day got closer, but Sunday morning dawned cloudy but dry.

I was kickstand-up at 6:50am, en route to the first stop in West Grove, PA. I called MJG from a gas stop in DE, and he was still interested in going even though all his buddies had cancelled due to weather (he said they were afraid their Harleys would rust). Got to his place at 8, and had a chance to warm my hands and check out his stable of rides - nice! We departed there at around 8:30, and stopped at the WaWa at Rt. 30 and Octorara Road to meet up with Ron on his home-made Honda 650 SM.

While the Honda was very cool (love those forks!), I couldn't get over his helmet-mounted mirrors. I would think refocusing would be an issue, but he says it's fine. Easy guys to chat with, we hung around waiting for anyone else to show, but eventually got the hint. We took off for Ephrata at 9:15.

A short stint on 30, and then 897 north to 322. The ride on 897 was great, we kept a nice easy pace and enjoyed the elevation changes and curves. There's a little something for everyone on 897 - from fast sweepers to 15-mph tight 90 degree bends. I though MJG was going to be attacked by a charging German Shephard at one point, but the beast stopped dead at the end of the lawn - must have been an invisible fence. I passed just after he did, and the dog just stood there watching.

A couple miles outside of Ephrata I noticed a group of riders who had come up behind us, and in the lead were a pair of Blackbirds. Sure enough, it was some of the Blackbird guys from the warm January ride, AirborneXX and friends. They fell in with us, and we got to the VFW at 9:55am.

I'd guess there were a couple hundred bikes, everything from choppers, stunters, GS's, Guzzi's to trikes. I'm told warmer months brings perhaps 5-10x the number of bikes. Wow.

Immediately after parking, we were joined by another Multistrada owner from, mb10039. 3 Multi's together at the same time, first time I've seen that outside of the Ducati dealer!

STN meets

Spent just about an hour wandering around with the other Multi owners checking out bikes and chatting. Nice guys both.

The view looking one way in the main lot...

And the other...

A very cool Buell

Bummer about the back tire. Bike looks like it's been around the block a few times, as did the rider (not pictured).

Fabulous old Moto Guzzi V7

Love that older 900SS

The CB500T was in very nice condition - not showroom, but pretty close. The Husky behind it was pretty damn sexy as well.

For $20 you could take a ride on the Buell wheelie machine. I passed.

"OK, the exhaust isn't too ugly, I'll give you that". I love my multi, I love my multi...

MJG had mentioned that when Ron showed up with his Honda Supermoto last time, he had more people checking it out than pretty much any other bike. And that seemed true today as well. It seemed he spent most of the morning giving tours. Way to go, Ron, that's quite a nice ride you've built.

This Honda was a beautie as well, I didn't catch what model it was though.

Um, OK.....

This Buell just looked impossibly short.

The coolest looking Harley there, I thought.

Mmmm, shiny....

"How could you love a face like that, tell me?" I love my multi, I love my multi...

Mutli art.

Cool looking hardtail, tough-looking momma on it.

With hubby and kid right behind

Choppers were well represented

Another cool (somewhat) older Duc

I got all the Multis lined up as we were heading out at around 11am.

MB10039 joined MJG and I for some of ride out, turning off 322 at some point. We hit 897 again, and I think it was even better in this direction - since you were going downhill, the views of the surrounding farmland were truly beautiful. We had some buggies to deal with this late in the morning, but we behaved and passed gently.

I enjoyed some of MJG's hospitality at his house, then continued down 896 through Newark and eventually to the DelMem Bridge and 40 to home. All told, 180 miles and about 4 hours in the saddle.

I've marked the first Sunday of each month on my calendar - I will definitely be returning to this event. Hopefully with some of my Multi friends as well.