About the Photos...

The Photos

All the photographs that appear on this website were taken by me (or in some cases my wife Deb).  Please feel free to download them for your own personal enjoyment.  If you want to use any of the images for a commercial venture, please contact me.  Basically I just want to know where they are going and to get the appropriate credit.

Photographic Equipment

Medium Format Junkie

How I Started 

I made the mistake of renting a medium format camera for a long fall foliage weekend in New England.  Once the Velvia chromes came back I was immediately hooked.  My wife was dreading my purchasing new equipment while I was shooting that weekend, but she was also swayed by the 6x45 transparancies on the light box.  After a lot of looking through Shutterbug and used-camera web sites, I ended up at Le Camera in Trenton, NJ where I had rented the equipment earlier.  I walked out of there with:  a Mamiya 645 body (original version, in LN condition), Waist-level finder and a 45/2.8 S wide-angle lens  for a smidge more than $900.  I've also added a 150/3.5 Mamiya telephoto not long after that.



Having used the 645 for the better part of a year , I got completely into the bigger film size.  I upgraded from the original 645 to a 645 Pro, also purchased from Le Camera. I bought a second back, which I have since sold to partially finance my F100 purchase. Traded my old Nikon 8008 for a metered prism finder. I picked up an 80/1.9 at a camera show to round out the current lens collection. Maybe one day I'll spring for the 35/3.5 and the 300/5.6. One day.

I've also picked up an old Rollei 66 slide projector, so now I can project these images - WOW!

Mamiya 45/2.8

Mamiya 80/1.9

Mamiya 150/3.5


35mm Stuff



My first real camera was a Konica TC with a 50/1.7 lens.  After a few years I decided to upgrade to the Nikon line, and chose a Nikon N2000 manual-focus body.  That served well for a few years before being stolen from my car in Philadelphia, PA.  I replaced it with the FE2 and have never looked back.

I currently have 2 Nikon bodies, an 8008 and an FE2 (specs available).  The 8008 is autofocus, the FE2 is not.  While I like the 8008 a lot, the FE2 feels more like a camera should to me.  It was the last great metal Nikon for consumers (unlike the cost-prohibitive F3).  If I don't have to worry about carrying gear and can bring both bodies, I will usually load the 8008 with Fuji Velvia (the metering is more accurate) and the FE2 with Kodak Royal Gold 25 or 100, depending on the light.  I am starting to shoot more and more Velvia, as the color saturation is more appealing to me.

Update 2000: I've sold the 8008 to buy a metered prism for the Mamiya, so I'm down to just the FE-2 for 35mm.

I've also started shooting with a Yashica T-4 Super, purchased primarily as the baby camera. It's turning out to be quite a nice travel camera, as tested on my Coast-to-Coast Coastering trip in 2000. Very easy camera to sneek on roller coasters for POV shots
Update 2001: After clearing out the back of my closet on EBay, I found myself with a bucket of cash to spend on photo gear. After briefly owning an N80, I knew I could only be happy with an F100. Trying to chase a crawling/walking/running baby around with a manual focus FE-2 was an exercise in frustration. The F100 has made it a thing of joy.



18-35/3.5-4.5 EDIF (AF)
Bought new from B&H. Should make a nice lightweight hiking zoom, and a great coaster POV lens.

20/2.8 Nikkor (AF)

Bought new from B&H This is my second 20mm.  The first was an MF version that I sold many years ago for some reason I can no longer remember.  Ever since I sold it I have missed it for wide scenics.  Even my thin Tiffen circular polarizer vignettes, so I had to spend $90 for a Nikon one that won't - Ouch. I love this lens.

24/2.0 Nikkor (MF)

Bought new from Webb Photo in Cherry Hill, NJ (now gone). Very fast, very sharp.  I take most of my wide-angle scenics with this.  Fairly heavy, but a thing of beauty.  I have a special attraction to the mid-80s hefty-feeling manual focus Nikkors..
35/2.0 Nikkor (MF)
Picked this up on EBay for $65 - a steal! I don't know if I'll use it much (the focal length is covered by 2 zooms I have), but my weakness for MF primes took over.
35-105/3.5-4.5D (AF)
Another EBay purchase, this is the newest version with IF. Great chasing-the-baby lens, great party lens.

50/1.8 Nikkor (MF)

Bought new from B&H. Another quality all-metal Nikkor from the late 80s.  It was listed in B&H's ad at the time as "the good one", as Nikon had a couple of 50/1.8s out at the time.  Truth be told, I hardly ever use the 50.  The image in the viewfinder just never inspires me with it.

75-150/3.5 Series E (MF)

Bought used from Cameta Camera in Amityville, NY. A substitute for the very heavy 80-200/2.8 ED for use when hiking or just bumming around. I've shot a lot of rolls, and have been very impressed.  Not enough to sell the 80-200/2.8, but it's still a very impressive lens. Works very well with the PN-11 extension tube as a macro zoom lens. Good working distance, adjustable magnification.

80-200/2.8 ED Nikkor (AF)

A heavy, expensive lens but by far the best optic I've ever used.  Razor sharp, wickedly fast. Nicknamed Godzilla. That 2.8 maximum aperture really lets you snap the foreground into focus.  It does beg for a tripod mount and the newer model has that - but it's now a 2-ring zoom (separate focus and zoom rings). Bought a Kirk tripod collar for it, quite the kludgy device.

300/4.5 EDIF Nikkor (MF)

Picked this up in '97 at a camera show. Very well balanced, lighter than the 80-200, but didn't come with a tripod collar.  I tried in vain several well-stocked used camera shops and the web, but no one had any idea where to find the missing tripod collar.  Finally, someone suggested I call Nikon direct.  Duh.  One phone call and $60 later, I have a tripod collar :-). Fabulous lens, also works very well with the PN-11 extenion tube for lots of working distance.

I have had a lot of other lenses over the years;  I've owned at one time or another (but no longer have):

  • 20/2.8 MF Nikkor 
  • 28/3.5 MF Nikkor 
  • 85/1.8 AF Nikkor 
  • 100/2.8E Nikon 
  • 105/2.5 MF Nikkor 
  • 200/4 MF Nikkor 
  • 28-50/3.5 MF Zoom-Nikkor 
  • 70-210/4 AF Zoom-Nikkor 
  • 35-105/3.5 MF Zoom-Nikkor 
  • 100-300/5.6 MF Zoom-Nikkor 
  • 28-105 AF Sigma
  • 28-70/2.8 EX Sigma
  • 28-105/3.5-4.5 AF Zoom-Nikkor 


If I can take the time I setup on a Bogen/Manfrotto 3021 tripod with a medium Bogen ball head.  I also have a Bogen 3001 compact tripod that I use with a Kaiser mini-ball head for when I have to pack a suitcase, and a Bogen monopod for hiking.  I hardly ever use a flash, so I just have a small Nikon speedlight.  I've got a bunch of bags, including a new backpack photo bag from Tenba that's pretty cool.

Computer Equipment

My current home setup is a 1ghz Pentium III with 256 MB of RAM and 90 GB hard drive storage.  The photos are scanned on an Epson 1640SU color scanner, tweaked in Photoshop 6.0 (cropping, borders, sharpening, levels, etc) and saved as JPG files.  I try to keep photo sizes less than 150k for downloading.

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