Ken Denton's Coaster Trips

Comet Con(s)

Stark Raven Mad

Blue Streak Bash

Coast-to-Coast Coastering

Some of the best events I've been to have been the WNYCC's annual Comet Con at Great Escape in New York. Talk about a park that goes all out for coaster enthusiasts! I was thankfully able to attend the grand re-opening of my #4 wooden coater, the Blue Streak at Conneaut Lake. I had offered to drive my friend's car from New Jersey to his new house in California, and he took me up on it. So in the course of 8 days I drove his Saturn wagon almost 4,000 miles, visited 10 amusement parks, and rode 30 new roller coasters.

My 200th Coaster

New England Coastering

PTC Factory Tour

June 4, 2000 marked my riding my 200th roller coaster. Being stuck at 199 for over a year, I wanted to make my 200th coaster something special. I thought riding the oldest existing roller coaster in the world would fit the bill nicely
Spent my 36th birthday weekend hitting Whalom, Lake Compounce, SFNE and Rye
At the first Eastcoaster I attended, Tom Rebbie of Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters offered those attending a special treat - a guided tour of the factory in Lansdown, PA.