Roller Coaster Videos

All of these videos were shot by me (except where noted), and the same copyright as the photos apply. For the QuickTime movies, you may need QuickTime to view these movies, which you can get from Apple.

For the Windows AVI files, you can just use Media Player or any other applications. I've noticed some problems when QuickTime tries to play them off the web page - blank video but OK sound. Just save the AVI file to disk (in Netscape right-click and 'Save link as', in IE right-click and 'Save target as') and play it with another program.

If you have any comments about the videos, I would love to hear about it.

In the past I used a Canon Hi8 camcorder to capture the footage, and digitized it with an AITech Wavemaster and Adobe Premiere. Best footage was gotten with the camera held securely mid-chest, lens at it's most wide-ange, autofocus and optical image stabilization off.

I'm now using a Canon ZR45 MiniDV camera, and grabbing the video via FireWire and editing with Pinnacle's Studio7. Much easier, better quality.