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The Comet

Great Escape

This 1946 Herb Schmeck double out-and-back was originally located at Crystal Beach in Ontario, Canada.  When the park closed it was sold at auction and relocated to The Great Escape in Lake George, NY.  The ride is relentlessly fast with lots of airtime, and the park is great.  The Western New York Coaster Club (WNYCC) has an annual CometCon every Labor Day weekend with exclusive ride time (ERT) on the Comet.  I shot some on-ride video footage at the 1996 CometCon.


The Phoenix

Knoebels Grove

They don't call this "Air Phoenix" for nothing.  A relocated double out-and-back Herb Schmeck masterpiece, it delivers smooth airtime on almost every single hill.  The front seat of this ride is fantastic - you are never in your seat.  The park is also fantastic. I have also shot on-ride video.


Boulder Dash

Lake Compounce

It doesn't get much better than this. This CCI terrain coaster is fast, smoother-than-smooth, and packed with action. Your first ride is always a surprise because most of the coaster is hidden from view in the trees and on the mountain. The first drop is good, not great, but it gives you the speed you need for the breakneck rest of the ride. We rode in the front, back and most seats in-between. A dark ride in the front seat is not to be missed.


Blue Streak

Conneaut Lake

This 1937 Ed Vettel out-and-back had been standing dormant for 3 years as Conneaut Lake Park went bankrupt and closed.  Fortunately it reopened on May 17, 1997.  The event was celebrated by the WNYCC with a dusk-to-dawn ERT, which I was fortunate enough to attend. (The Blue Streak Bash has happened - check it out).  This ride is a classic, with 3 consecutive camelback hills delivering amazing airtime, vintage NAD headlight trains and completely manual operation (lever skid brakes, etc).  There is a trip report I wrote available and some photos.  NEW - POV video from the Blue Streak Bash!


The Raven

Holiday World

This terrain woodie made by Custom Coasters International (CCI) is amazing.  From the first drop into a tunnel to the last slamming turn before the brakes this ride never lets up.  There is airtime to be had, but its the speed, smoothness and twists and turns that keeps me coming back for more.  Holiday World hosts an annual 'Stark Raven Mad' event with 4+ hours of in-the-dark ERT.  They even choose a moonless night for maximum darkness.  1997's was one of the best events I've ever attended.  I shot some video on the ride at that event.



Coney Island

What can I say about this ride that hasn't been said? THE classic coaster, incredibly steep 1st drop, rib-crushing laterals, tons of airtime, vintage rolling stock, etc. A must-ride.


Georgia Cyclone

Six Flags over Georgia

The first coaster that I thought I was going to die on.  While not very consistent from year to year, when this twister is running at its peak it is a force to be reckoned with.  Almost every drop gives massive negative gs, particularly drop #7.  I thought my ankles were the only things left in the car the first time this one got me.


Silver Comet

Martin's Fantasy Island

Great CCI, lots of strong laterals, still very smooth after 3 years. Even better than sustained speed, this ride picks up speed as it goes. Reminds of the the Raven.


Lightning Racer


Smooth, smooth, smooth. The Millenium Flyer trains are what makes this ride the marvel that it is. Never have I been on a ride so snake-like in its motions. Decent amount of airtime that will only improve with age, and a layout that is both gorgeous to look at and a thrill to ride. Congrats Mike Boodley!







Blue Streak

Cedar Point




Knoebels Grove



#13. Cyclops, Wisconsin Dells

#14, Wild One, Wild World

#15, Giant Dipper, Santa Cruz Beach & Boardwalk

#16, Cyclone, Williams Grove

#17, Wildcat, Elitch Gardens

#18, Serpiente de Fuego, La Feria, Chapultepec, Mexico City